“WooCommerce Drop Uploader” WordPress plugin Documentation by Horoshilow Boris v1.2

“WooCommerce Drop Uploader”

Created: 14/08/2018
By: Horishilow Boris
Email: support@borisolhor.com

Thank you for purchasing my item. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here. Thanks so much!

Table of Contents

  1. Plugin Installation
  2. Set Plugin Options
  3. Get uploaded files

A) Plugin Installation - top

To install this plugin you need go to Plugins -> Add New.

Then click upload and select plugin file.

And click "Install Now" button.

After that you need to activate plugin.

B) Set plugin options - top

To set plugin options you need go to WooCommerce -> Settings and go to Drop Uploader tab.

In first section you can set Drop Uploader Style, such as Border Color, Border Hover Color, Progress Bar Color, Border Thickness, Title and Upload Icon Color.

In Drop Uploader Options you can set custom CSS class for browse link, uploader and file icons, how many seconds error message will be shown. Also you can set Drop Uploader Layout (Thumbnails or List), Uploader Title (will be shown before Drop Uploader form) and also you can set where to show Drop Uploader on Product and Checkout Page (or disable it for these pages). Also for each of this pages you can set Drop Uploader as required field.

In Upload Restrictions Section you can set File Uploading Restrictions, such as files extension, file size and files amount.

In Files Storage Section you can choose, where to store uploaded files (on your Sever, in Dropbox or Both).

To add Dropbox Integration you need go to Dropbox Developers section and navigate to My Apps

Then you need to login into your Dropbox account

Then click "Create App" button

And set following App settings: Dropbox API, App Folder.

And set name of your App. Then you will get folder with same name in your Dropbox -> Applications.

After that click "Generate" button and copy&paste token to Dropbox Token field on your site.

Also for certain product you can change, where to display Drop Uploader or disable it.

C) Get uploaded files - top

You can find uploaded files in Order Details. For each Item

And for Order

Also all files will be available in email, that was sent after order was placed.