“Hamburger Icon Menu” WordPress plugin Documentation by Horoshilow Boris v1.3

“Hamburger Icon Menu”

Created: 14/05/2015
By: Horishilow Boris
Email: borisolhor@gmail.com

Thank you for purchasing my item. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here. Thanks so much!

Table of Contents

  1. Plugin installation
  2. Set plugin options
  3. Set menu item icon

A) Plugin installation - top

To install this plugin you need go to Plugins -> Add New.

Then click upload and select plugin file.

After that you need to activate plugin.

B) Set plugin options - top

You can find Hamburger Icon Menu settings in Settings admin menu.

In "General Settings" tab you can select what WordPress menu output in this plugin and select menu output layout.

In "Menu Icon Settings" tab you can select icon size, icon position (absolute or fixed), icon text and icon text position (text color and size will be the same as an icon), icon color (different for open and close icon), vertical and horizontal icon margin. Also you can set responsive option. In this case Menu Icon will show only on screen, that smaller value, you set.

Notice: You can click on linked units to change it. Available units: px, pt, %, em. You need to save settings after that.

In "Menu Bar Settings" tab you can select background bar color or image. Also you can use background video (from Vimeo or YouTube) for fullscreen layouts. Then bar border color, bar opacity and width. Also you can set bar slide type - bar can slide over content or push site content to same side (this option does not works with fullscreen mode).

In "Menu Items Settings" tab you can set menu items top margin (this option works only with vertical layout), menu items text alignment (this option also works only with vertical layout), menu items font family (Google Fonts supported) first and second level font size and also text color and hover text color. Then you can select how to output sub items (open sub items on click or always opened) and set animation options - items appear animation type and items animation mode (items appear in one time or one by one).

In "Social Settings" you can set links to your social networks, and they will appear in bottom part of menu bar. You also can set social icons colors (for default and hovered state) and set checkbox to output horizontal divider between menu items and social icons and set it color.

C) Set menu icon - top

In Appearance->Menu section you can set Font Awesome icon class for each menu item. This icon will appear before menu text on frontend.